7 Weird Beauty Products That Really Work!

7 Weird Beauty Products That Really Work!

1. Konjac Sponge








This weird little sponge is super hard when you get it, but wet it and it turns soft and silky. It's infused with natural clays that help to cleanse your skin, all while gently exfoliating. It's one of our favourite Korean beauty products 🤗

Buy it here on Amazon for £9.99.

2. Microfibre Makeup Remover








I don't know about you guys, but my go-to beauty routine consists of trying to get every scrap of foundation off my skin with about 25 little cotton pads. Thank goodness for this Microfibre cloth- just add water (or micellar water if you're ~fancy~) and it takes all the makeup off your face, no fuss! We love love love ours, mainly because we're not buying new cotton pads every month any more!

Buy it here on Amazon for £3.99


3. Dr Brandt Magnetic Face Mask





Ok so the photo makes it look pretty weird, but it actually has AMAZING reviews. Apparently it purifies and refines pores, and leaves your skin feeling great. To be honest, who cares what it does when you get to pull it off your face with a MAGNET?

Buy it here on Beauty Bay for £23.00

4. Snail Bee Sheet Mask

snail bee mask







Putting snail slime on your face may not be everyone's cup of tea, but this mask promises to brighten skin and smooth wrinkles. It also has no nasty stuff (alcohol, fragrances etc), if you don't count snail slime as nasty!

Buy a 10 pack here on Amazon for £18.00


5. Lash & Brow Shampoo

lash & brow shampoo





Your night time "smokey-eye" look is all well and good (and hawt) until you get home at 3am and have to muster the energy to go at it for 20 minutes with makeup remover and get those lashes clean. The Lash & Brow Shampoo from Beauty Garde solves this problem. A charcoal infused, soft, anti-microbial brush is used with a gentle oil free cleanser to actually clean between your eyelashes gently and get rid of all the muck. 

Buy it here on Amazon USA (ships to the UK) for $18

6. Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack







With over 100 great reviews on Amazon USA, we can't deny this shea butter and egg yolk mask works. The cute packaging will also work great for freaking out your flatmates.

Buy it here on Amazon for £15.50




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